PICTURES WITH WORDS IN BOXES!  COMING AT YOU ONE AFTER ANOTHER AT THE SPEED OF EYES!  BANG!  POW!  SIGH!  Fraser Geesin draws stuff.  Look at some of it if you like.  If you really want you can buy PHYSICAL PAPER COPIES or DIGITAL CYBER PDF COPIES!

Here's a few pages from The Cleaner.  It's about Fraser's time as a domestic cleaner.  "But these pages are so small!  I cannot read them!"  Click on them, you idiot!  They're called thumbnails!

This is a selection of Andrew and Steven, The Amusing Brothers strips for your face.  "But how can something so tiny be in any way amusing?"  Click on them!  Remember the thumbnail thing from before? 

Here's a nice story for you.  Remember to click on those thumbnails!

Sometimes people pay Fraser to do things in magazines and the like.  Here are some examples. Click on them.  Click!  CLICK!  No, I don't know why they're called thumbnails!

Yes, I suppose you're right, they should really look like this, shouldn't they.