Fraser loves nothing more than ransacking his dignity for your entertainment.   He ran his own monthly night, Mouthleak at Chequers in Brighton but stopped when the management of the venue changed.  He misses the colourful clientele who would sometimes threaten him, throw logs at him and physically attack acts.  Great days.  Alongside Matt Banks he did a well received show called Dinner Dance on Douglas Mountain in the 2014 Brighton Fringe and followed it up by teaming up with John Tansey for Sklent in 2015.  Fraser presented his first solo hour, Jack Of All Polymaths to a packed house as part of the Brighton Comedy Fringe in October 2015, a show took to Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes in 2016.  Above is a medley of the sort of images you'd expect to see on a comedian's website; holding a microphone, saying things loudly and wearing different things on their head to show how diverse they are.  Brilliant.

Another thing you would expect to see here are some quotes.  These will blast through whatever suspicions you may have regarding all this brilliantly crafted webcopy and show you that Fraser Geesin really is a first class product.  Here you go:


His aggression is mere bluff; he's really a mild-mannered chap with a raft of dry, offbeat gags very much in the style of Sean Lock

The evening included such diverse and quality acts as Fraser Geesin, who strode powerfully onto the stage from the depths of the audience to wrong foot yet entertain us from the first.
Latest 7

He can invigorate an audience without being so anarchic that they fear for their safety. The strong performance is backed with some solid writing, taking a refreshingly oblique approach to mainstream topics. Chortle

There is an inventiveness behind his best material, with some cracking gags turning on a smart use of language, often surprisingly dry given some of the excesses of his performance.
Steve Bennett


Not bad eh?  Makes him sound like the sort of guy you'd want to give money to.  BUT THERE'S MORE!  Fraser Geesin has done alright in some competitions too, namely the Squawker Awards (Finalist 2013), So You Think You're Funny (Semi-Finalist 2013) and he won a thing in Hastings called the Squealing Pig which was nice as he won a hundred pounds in cash.  He wasn't sure if that counted as taxable earnings so he declared it as part of his self employed income just to be on the safe side.

Now let's polish off this page with some lovely pictures.