The final preview of Fraser Geesin: Jack Of All Polymaths before its run at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. This was taped at the Caroline Of Brunswick 27th July 2016. On the night, this performance was followed by a preview of Andrew O'Neill Is Trapped Down A Well by Andrew O'Neill (obviously).

Fraser Geesin doing some "stand up" style "comedy" at Comedy De Luxe from Chortle.

Amusing toilet based visual joke designed to provoke laughter from the viewer whilst educating them on the importance of following rules. Shot and edited by Ash Allen.

An informative film in which we learn that customer service is nothing without good manners. Written by Fraser with additional performance by Sean Baldwin. Shot and edited by Ash Allen.

Prototype animation by Ed Nottingham of Fraser Geesin's "Andrew and Steven, The Amusing Brothers" comic strip which was featured weekly at for a while.

Much as a film is improved by a director's commentary so this pop music tune has been improved by some informnative narration by Fraser Geesin. Now you can enjoy Spagna's "Call Me" more than ever!

The first demonstration promo for Sklent Industries novelty products. Unbelievably Fraser Geesin and top entrepreneur, Andy Gibson thought this sort of nonsense was a viable business idea for a while.

An amazing and amusing short film by Fraser Geesin which tells the tale of a fun day out which takes a turn for the worst. ***** FIVE STARS
A profound short film by actor/director Fraser Geesin about the decline of religious worship in Great Britain. In this film, Fraser primarily asks the question, is this fall from favour due to the pressures of an increasingly secular society or are there other factors at work?

In this breathtaking video work, film maker and screen actor Fraser Geesin tackles the role of charity in David Cameron's "Big Society". Is it right that we should look to each other for help as the government squanders the tax payer's money on Trident and parliamentary expenses?  Or are there other factors causing us to turn our backs on good causes?

Here we see Fraser Geesin's backup plan for when he is too ill to perform standup. This was performed at Happy Clap Trap November 21st 2012. He really was quite poorly.